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 Electronic Gifts

The Bible instructs us to bring our tithes and offerings to the storehouse.  This is the heart of Rochester Baptist Church.  There are times when an electronic transaction allows us to remain faithful in tithes and offerings without our presence.  Please use this if you are unable to attend service.


  1. Enter your gift below and click the button.
  2. Choose method to donate.
  3. If need be, set up your own PayPal account.  Link your account (checking/savings) to PayPal.  This allows you to electronically transfer funds between two parties without providing your account information to the payee.  This is a free service.
  4. Click "Send"
  5. You will be prompted for an email address.  Enter (you may copy and paste this email address).  You will see Donald Noonan.  Be assured this is the Church's account.  PayPal requried an individual at setup.
  6. Enter the donation amount.
    1. Please provide detailed discription of the gift whether it be tithe, missions, or another ministry.
    2. You may group all giving into one transaction, but read the above instructions.
  7. Click "Next"
  8. Choose your account.
  9. Click "Send"
  10. You will receive a confirmation email from


Mailing Checks

Use the address below if you prefer mailing a personal check:


Rochester Baptist Church

PO Box 5813

Rochester, MN 55903




NOTE: When you click submit, you will be taken to
Here you will be able to complete the transaction.